Communities Welfare Network             

               “Supporting Needs and Improving Lives”. Established 2003

The Communities Welfare Network was established in June 5, 2003 and registered as a charity at the Charity    

Commission for England and Wales and as a company at companies’ house. It is one of the active self-help community              

organisations in Westminster,  Lambeth and Southward  supporting Minority Communities from all part of the world.


Since its establishment, the organisation has increased its memberships from 93 in the first year to 205 in 2013. All     

members are from  all over the world.

1. Governance


The organisation has a Management Committee of  five  persons volunteering in the following positions:



The management committee is in charge of the management of the organisation and its development . The  Board members

meet regularly every three month but can meet any time if there is urgency.

We  also get support from local volunteers  to conduct some of our activities. We have 06  qualified Volunteers  working with

the organisation at present.

The organisation  conducts its activities  in accordance with current  legislation and internal policies. We have the following      

policies in place:

2.  Network working

The organisation networks with about 15 local community organisations and support around 30 different minority communities in Lambeth,

Westminster and Southwark. We also work in partnership with local jobcentres , accrediting bodies such as OCR ( Oxford,     

Cambridge, Rex-examination ).




About Us

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