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The organisation homework Club  targets children from poor families, with no adequate educational background to help them with their school work and also from families  where there is no safe learning environment . We mainly work in collaboration with local schools that the children  attend. This collaboration  help the children improve their achievement, gain confidence and reduce school truancy. This year we engaged about 43 new children into the organisation learning activities.

                              ESOL Courses



The organisation English course is mainly centred on adult and young people  education for those who have English as a second language (ESOL). We run accredited courses through out the year and we Focus on : reading, writing, speaking and  listening. This help users with their search for employment and their integration into the wider community. This year we supported about  67 new learners.


           Health Promotion

Our Health promotion activities is centred on basic health education. We most of the time run workshops focused on the importance of having physical activities, raise awareness on HIV/AIDS, other sexual transmissible diseases, explain the need of having balanced diet, how to prevent obesity and have healthy life style

Communities Welfare Network               

         “Supporting Needs and Improving Lives”. Established 2003

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Employment Training

Every year the organisation delivers about two employment projects to improve users employability changes. Employment projects  include jobsearch, interview skills, confidence and CV building, Basic IT skills training, help with filling job applications and accredited Health and childcare courses. With most work with local jobcentres for recruitment of those who are looking for work or in need of training. In average we train about 103 people every year in different  skill areas

               Community support Activities