Communities Welfare Network     

      “Supporting Needs and Improving Lives”. Established 2003



We are very grateful to all those who  support our work through donation since the establishment of the     

organisation and here is an occasion to say a big thank  all of  you, because without this we could not be able to

 to help about  3,500 people in various areas of needs since the organisation has been set up.

All those users’ lives improvement will also improve your life to a certain level of degree as a blessing.

Moreover, the work still continue and we encourage more people to join our donors list for this good cause to support

more vulnerable people in our societies who live in poverty, have no voice, choice, are isolated and  marginalized .   

Even £1 can make a difference. So please give what ever you would like.

Please click here, or use the details below for your donation.

                          Account Name :   Communities Welfare Network


                            Sort Code:                     30-9640

                            Account number:           01945582

   Bank name         :         Lloyds TSB Bank                    

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