Equal Opportunities policy

                         1. Vision Statement:

        The Communities Welfare Network is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all service users.   


  In seeking to achieve this vision, the organisation will strive to:

              discriminate, with particular regard to: Race; Gender; Disability; Sexuality; Age; Religion and Belief plus Employment issues.

              groups within the community whose needs and expectations are less well met.

2. Equal Opportunities policy - Supporting statements

Race Equality:


Disability Equality:

opportunity for people with disabilities.

Gender Equality:

Equality of Employment:

Communities Welfare Network will through its policies and training seek to create:

                communities have equality of opportunity to obtain employment and volunteering opportunities in all areas and levels of the  organisation.


Sexual Orientation:

Gender Reassignment:

Religion and Belief:


                                                                                   Revised : 12/08/2013


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