Aim and Objectives

                 Our aim is:

The advancement of education and the tackling of causes of poverty affecting  Minority  communities

throughout Lambeth, Southwark and Westminster.

                  We achieve this Through the following  objectives:

1. The provision of information and advice through  workshops, drop - in and one to one sessions.

2. The provision of training to improve employment related skills and entry into employment.

3. The provision of basic English classes and supplementary education for children

4. The provision of facilities for recreation and leisure time to improve health and well-being.

5. The provision of financial inclusion training

6. The promotion of healthy  living

The  organisation has power to  provide service across England and Wales but due to the fact that we

 are at present  a very  Small Group  and facing financial constraints, we have decided to concentrate

 our works in Lambeth, Wesminster  and Southwark.

In this troubled and competitive  financial environment we still maintain  our core activities to

 improve local people lives  and  we seize this occasion to thank all our Supporters and  Funders.

We pledge to do more in  in  the coming years  by increasing the number of people we help along with the

increase of the capacity of the organisation.

The organisation delivers every year accredited  ESOL Classes (English For speakers of other languages) . The courses mainly involve minority communities who have English as a second language.

The aim of the training is to improve participants language skills to facilitate their integration . Over the last two years  we supported about 76  learners.

Our action for employment help about  62 people back into  full, part-time,  temporary and voluntary work every year. This year  we engaged some single mothers who due to family commitment could not be available for work.

Through the organisation employment training they acquired new skills and about 32 of them secured part time and full time employment.

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Communities Welfare Network               

      “Supporting Needs and Improving Lives. Established 2003



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